Clarilis and TLT - Intelligent Drafting

Drafting contracts for your business can be a time consuming, disjointed and lengthy process, requiring a lot of in-house lawyer time. Often limited resources, constrained budgets and a lack of integrated technology and expertise, can make meeting these expectations a challenge.
Clarilis and TLT have created an ‘Intelligent Drafting’ solution to help in-house legal teams prepare contracts and other legal documents with ease and with less risk to deliver better outcomes for your business. This combines TLT assured legal documents with Clarilis’ automated drafting technology in one easy-to-use drafting solution. The result is high-quality work, delivered fast.
This contract drafting solution provides in-house lawyers with accurate, well-drafted contracts quickly and efficiently, offering an off-the-shelf product which automates the most commonly used commercial, technology, data processing, employment and real estate contracts.
This out of the box solution can be used by both business users and in-house legal teams, freeing up the legal team to concentrate on the value-added activities for the business.


TLT Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

  • Faster drafting / improved speed of contracting
  • Easy to use
  • Streamline your process
  • Delegate routine work more efficiently and effectively
TLT improved risk mitigation

Improved risk mitigation & control

  • TLT assured templates and precedents are the basis for all your documents, reducing room for error
  • Delegate to more junior members of staff with confidence
  • Provide business users with the ‘rails’ within which they can self-serve document production
  • Eliminate approval bottlenecks
TLT better outcomes

Better outcomes

  • Transparent fixed fees
  • Faster implementation, delivering benefits more quickly
  • Scale volumes of work
  • Release time to deliver more strategic value
To find out more, click here to be taken to the TLT Intelligent Drafting website.

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