The Clarilis fully managed service

Clarilis Professional Support Lawyers, Document Analysts and Document Automators implement automation projects on your behalf

Self-built automations can be OK for simple, short documents, but anything more complex becomes a jumble of logic.

That is why automation projects are typically late, significantly over budget or perpetually in the implementation phase. And those that are launched are often shelved as soon as significant changes are needed to the underlying documents. In addition, our clients do not have the capacity to undertake the automation work, let alone to learn the implementation skills necessary to launch any significant automation project.

That is the reason that although Clarilis has the market leading automation technology we do not licence it in isolation. Clarilis also implement and deliver your projects for you as a fully managed service. The Clarilis Professional Support Lawyers, Document Analysts and Document Automators handle the whole project for you.

Because the Clarilis PSL-led team are entirely focused on automation projects, day in day out, they can guide you in the art of the possible. They will complete the design, implementation and comprehensive testing of the project. The effort is 1% you 99% Clarilis.

An Outline of the Process


Decide which documents or document suites you would like to automate, discuss them with the Clarilis team and they will send you a proposal setting out fees and timescales.

Send to Clarilis

You send your documents to the Clarilis PSLs. There’s no need for any preparation or clean-up, just send Clarilis your precedents, templates, variations, ancillaries and drafting notes.

Clarilis designs

The Clarilis PSLs harmonise the documents, design the questionnaire layout and discuss their design and any questions with you. This discussion typically takes a few hours of your time.

Clarilis automates

Clarilis then builds, automates and extensively tests your automation.

Go live

You access the automation via the pre-release platform. Once any suggestions from you are incorporated you sign off and go-live.

Clarilis maintains

Clarilis maintains the automated documents, making requested changes for you, for the life of the contract.

1% you, 99% Clarilis

Travers Smith
“The work is done outside of the IT team, it’s done lawyer to lawyer, with lawyers on both sides who talk to each other in language they understand and then the geeks at Clarilis then get that working.”

Ann Cant – IT Director, Travers Smith


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