The CLARILIS Platform

CLARILIS is an advanced precedent automation platform that adopts an entirely new approach to automation

Information is gathered in relation to an entire matter (often from multiple sources) and the resulting data is used to produce entire suites of documents and ancillaries.


The market leading CLARILIS platform captures best practice drafting methodologies from the experienced in-house PSL team. With this rules-based approach the platform continually evolves so that the automation process becomes ever more efficient.

Using the platform doesn’t require you to adapt your precedents or adopt new ones. CLARILIS allows you to automate your firm’s precedents without amendment thereby encouraging high levels of adoption.

Because the SaaS based platform is delivered in browser, without the need for plugins, you can make it available beyond just your legal team, for example to business users, external clients and/or, panel firms. Elements such as branding and single sign-on (SSO) also encourage high rates of adoption.

The entire platform was developed with security in mind. Clarilis are proud to be ISO27001:2013 certified by the British Standards Institute.

Baker McKenzie
“The other area that Clarilis have differentiated themselves typically, and I still think is a major differentiator, is with the core technology platform. Clarilis is a platform that is truly scalable, reusable, it’s extensible, it’s been designed from the bottom up to do document automation, and that’s why it’s really good at doing the more complex suite of documents. That’s why it’s great at allowing you to create additional value from the automation that you undertake, so you don’t have to keep redoing automation. It’s much easier to maintain and I think that’s a clear differentiator against some of the competitors in this space.”

Simon Thompson – UK COO, Baker McKenzie in London


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