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Firms recognise the importance of systemising their drafting process and maximising their fee earners’ potential through the use of technology. In today’s legal climate clients are looking for firms to find innovative ways of working, and are increasingly demanding that matters are handled at a fixed price. With that in mind, initiatives to significantly reduce the time fee earners spend on particular tasks are welcomed, whilst maintaining only the highest standards.

Clarilis believes that lawyers should be free to invest their time where they can add the greatest value rather than in the mechanical and routine aspects of drafting. It is often said that drafting is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration – it’s time to change that ratio.

The process of drafting documentation from the firm’s precedents is one such area that can be significantly optimised. There is a tremendous amount of time and cost that can be removed from this process with the use of an intelligent automated drafting solution, namely CLARILIS™.

Arguably more important than the time savings noted above are the structure, consistency and rigour that CLARILIS™ brings to the drafting process. Using CLARILIS™ to generate legal documentation within a firm brings entirely new levels of consistency, risk control, traceability and brand adherence.

Using the platform doesn’t require you to adapt your precedents or adopt new ones. CLARILIS™ allows you to automate your firm’s precedents without amendment thereby encouraging high levels of adoption.

Gateley Legal
“The key benefits of the CLARILIS™ platform are the time saved in producing complex legal documents, particularly where a whole suite is produced from a single questionnaire; the risk management benefits of producing documents via a system which starts with the right documents, asks the right questions and delivers an end product which matches the instructions; and the benefits of freeing our lawyer’s up to apply their expertise to more complex issues, letting the CLARILIS™ platform do the heavy lifting of producing the first draft documents.”

Sophie Brookes – Partner, Gateley Plc

Below are some of the business reasons for law firms moving to Clarilis for their document automation, click on the “+” icon on each item to learn more:

Improve efficiency

What could it mean for the profitability of your practice if fee-earners could save 54 minutes of every hour they spend on the mundane aspects of drafting?

In place of inefficient manual processes (often described as 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration) CLARILIS™ saves your fee-earners hours to days on the first draft of all forms of legal document.

The full range of document complexity

Clarilis was designed from the ground up to automate the most complex suites of precedents as well as those which are straightforward.

This includes the automation of precedent suites, such as Share Purchase Agreements and Facility Agreements with many ancillaries, many parties and complex underlying deal structures. With this pedigree, more traditional automation projects are straightforward and routinely delivered in market leading time.

Clarilis’ PSL-led automation team is 100% dedicated to the implementation of automation projects. That expertise, combined with the CLARILIS™ platform, delivers a level of adoption and depth of automation that is far beyond anything client firms could create in-house.

Not all solutions are created equal, which is why Clarilis created its platform. To understand the art of the possible, see the depth of automations being delivered today and what that would mean to your firm/practice please CONTACT US.

Expertise, refined project management and processes

Do you have all of the skills and processes required to create an in-house automation?

With traditional automation approaches you will need to source the intermediaries, document analysts and technical staff required to implement your automation project. You may have some or all of these skills in-house, but these are usually fully utilised and would be unable to dedicate the significant time and effort required to automate precedents in a timely fashion.

There will be a steep learning curve in developing best practice in relation to automation and in creating the processes required to enable that.

The Clarilis managed service takes care of all of this for you. The Clarilis PSLs, document analysts and document automators provide the skills, processes and project management required to implement your automation projects on-time and on budget.

“We worked with a previous software solution, did some automation projects, found that process to be quite painful and cumbersome. Working with Clarilis was quite transformational by comparison.”
Richard Gaston, Head of Knowledge and Research, Addleshaw Goddard

Consistent team to support your automation

How do you ensure that the team members that created the automation are there to support it going forward?

Staff turnover seriously hinders the implementation and maintenance of automation projects (and law firms typically have above average levels of staff turnover). If a key member of your in-house automation team leaves it can lead to considerable disruption or even a complete failure of the automation project. This is particularly true with traditional approaches to automation. There are no set automation standards and precedents are often automated in esoteric ways which are difficult for new staff to decipher.

Perhaps an external consultant can help with your automation project? Will they always be available and at a reasonable cost?

The Clarilis team of PSLs, document analysts and document automators all go through a rigorous training program to become certified before they can work on your projects. This ensures that all automation projects are implemented to the same standard, using the same techniques and internally documented in the same way. This removes the reliance on any one key individual, anyone from the Clarilis team can pick up the automation and begin work straight away.

Automation timelines

How long will the automation take to deliver? How much will it really cost us if it takes longer?

There are nearly 50 people in the Clarilis team, including PSLs, document analysts and document automators. All trained and ready to deliver your automation projects. Because of this, customers often quote that Clarilis takes 80% less time to deliver a given automation project than an equivalent project automated in-house. Clarilis automation projects are typically measured in weeks rather than months or years.

Time is a valuable commodity. The sooner you get your automated precedents live the sooner you start receiving the benefits and value of the automation. Consequently projects that drag on for a long time lose the confidence of those involved. Will that automation ever be ready? Will the automation team remain in place long enough?

Instead of starting with a minimum viable delivery and then spending a large amount of time trying to improve it, simply start with a robust offering from Clarilis.

Total cost of ownership

Traditionally, the licence fee for the automation software is just the start. Depending on how you automate and the resources you have available you should consider:

Do you have the people and skills to automate and maintain the system?

  • Significant amounts of fee-earner time

  • Contract automation specialists (internal or external)

  • Additional hires (project management, scope definition etc.)

Do you have tested processes in place, a project plan and reliable timelines?

  • Preparation of the contracts

  • Design, build, testing and approval time and resources

  • Maintenance efforts and turnaround times

What are the technology’s demands and constraints?

  • Automation software licence and model

  • Hardware and base software

  • On-going IT support

With the Clarilis fully managed solution your automation, usage and maintenance are all delivered for the agreed license fee.

Plus, as set-out above, you can’t derive benefits until the automated precedents are launched. Until then it’s ALL cost.

The Clarilis managed service completely eradicates the risk associated with the traditional approach to automation, which is laden with significant consultancy fees and costly internal teams that are difficult to recruit, retain and motivate. Automation can be a hard investment to justify for most firms as the risk lies completely within the organisation. Clarilis’ managed solution is opening the industry’s eyes to a completely new approach and business case.

“Clarilis has delivered on time and to budget to us, they’ve delivered the scope of work they said they’d deliver. They have been able to deliver solutions that have met our expectations, particularly in our highly complex document suite areas, so yes I’m confident in their solution and I absolutely would recommend them to other law firms and other organisations in professional services.”
Simon Thompson, UK COO, Baker McKenzie

Delegation and review

Risk mitigated delegation is a core benefit. Clarilis’ customers say it’s like having their most experienced draftsperson drafting all of their documents no matter who handles the work. As the experience and knowledge is captured in the automation you can delegate document creation to more junior members of the legal team, reserving more experienced fee-earners for value added advisory tasks.

With regard to review, the questionnaire and summary views enable straightforward checking of the instruction without need to read the complete draft, simply read the summary.


How do I reduce risk by ensuring that our firm’s drafting output is consistent and that fee-earners are less inclined to use past deal documents or out of date precedents?

Clarilis brings a series of soft benefits that give firms greater control over their precedents, such as providing greater firm-wide consistency in drafting, better risk management and built-in quality control. This all contributes to the more intangible benefits such as brand reputation and client satisfaction.

Direct client access

Are clients asking your firm to make better use of technology? Doesn’t re-keying instructions seems like a duplication of effort?

As the Clarilis platform has full user permissions and controls, it is straightforward for your firm to grant your clients access to the platform – for self-service by clients, to improve communication and to gather instructions.

Direct client access removes the need for re-keying critical data and ensures a fuller instruction is given from the outset.


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