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How stretched is your legal team?

Are team members working on mundane low value tasks or higher value meaningful delivery?

In-house legal teams are busy like never before. Are you being asked to be ever more responsive, more efficient, to mitigate risk, to ensure compliance and do so under ever-increasing budget scrutiny? It seems this is now a fact of life across the industry.

Does the business view their interactions with Legal as fast and straightforward or is Legal seen as a bottleneck? How do you minimise risk without having to review every document that is sent out?

At Clarilis, we speak with in-house legal teams every day. Too often we hear that Legal is the bottleneck and that the business finds other ways to get things done, often circumventing Legal altogether. We hear that Legal do not always know what is being sent out in the business’ name and that in some cases agreements are signed without any Legal input.

Clarilis allows legal functions to spend less time completing mundane tasks, such as drafting or marking-up agreement templates, and more time utilising their knowledge and expertise, including by offering more advice to the business. Clarilis enables business users to do more for themselves, quickly, simply and to a high standard whilst at the same time reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

Clarilis for In-house Lawyers Customer testimonial
“We feel we receive many benefits from automating our documents with Clarilis. Aside from the ones that you might expect, such as increased efficiency and time saving, we also think it’s a very valuable tool in terms of risk mitigation and being able to delegate work more effectively and efficiently.”

Existing Clarilis Customer

We have set out below some of the reasons that in-house legal teams are moving to Clarilis for their document automation, click on the “+” icon on each item to learn more:

Risk and compliance

In-house counsel often say they “lay awake at night wondering what agreements the business are dragging out of their file systems and using without thought as to the legal consequences”.

If the business has to wait for Legal to draft contracts they might take the approach of re-purposing a previous one from their inbox. Does that contract have the latest GDPR clauses? Some in-house teams report that little regard is given to risk by some business users and comparisons to the “Wild West” are often made when it comes to compliance.

Enabling the business to create their own agreements whilst ensuring compliance means that not only do Legal need control, but also the method of preparing documents needs to be straightforward. Give the business the access they need, within controlled permissions. Clarilis makes all of this possible within a structured framework.

With Clarilis you also ensure that the agreements drafted are always up to date. The managed service ensures Clause updates go live within hours of a change request. So no one has to spend time double-checking versions, making changes across multiple contracts or hunting down missing documents. Clarilis ensures that high quality drafts are produced every time, whilst saving time and providing control.

Enabling the business to self-serve

How can the business create its own documents whilst Legal retain control of the output?

Waiting for legal support can impact the bottom line. If people have to wait, they may go and retrieve a previously signed agreement that may have missing and / or the wrong content. If that shortcut works the first time, they will repeat that process every time.

This can be avoided by enabling the business to self-serve at speed, creating their own documents within a controlled environment. Legal remain in complete control but review agreements by exception only, where their skill and knowledge, rather than their word processing ability is required.

And because the business gets instantaneous turn-around times on their agreements they are much happier too. It is a win-win situation.

“The reaction to date has been extremely positive, both in terms of the delivery of the solution from a cost and time perspective, but also in the usability of the solution and the benefit that it’s accruing for us”
Existing Clarilis Customer

Losing the mundane

Nobody studies law in order to spend their time endlessly marking up mundane agreements or to be awake at 2am fighting with Microsoft Word’s paragraph numbering.

Drafting is typically 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. That is grossly inefficient and a poor use of your highly educated time. Automate the mundane using Clarilis. Better still get the business to self-serve, you still control risk but without the burden of the mundane. Freeing up Legal time to provide more expert advice and spend less time drafting improves morale as well as productivity.

Removing the bottlenecks and improving efficiency

Most in-house legal teams are seen by the business as a cost centre, a necessary evil that erodes the bottom line.

Clarilis’ customers show an increased efficiency, by reducing the time to produce a first draft, typically by 90%. That is 90% less time spent drafting, resulting in faster turn-around times, increased business throughput and greater overall satisfaction. Legal can bring these significant benefits to the business.

Faster delivery and turnaround

What would it mean to your company if agreements were delivered 10%, 20%, 50% faster?

Agreements facilitate business transactions, and that means that there is revenue, profit and shareholder value at stake. Simply accelerating the transaction process can have a massive impact on the financial numbers and help relieve some of the pressure from target deadlines such as month, quarter or year end.

Aren’t all automations late, over budget or disastrous?

Many companies have attempted to realise the benefits of automation in the past and been bitterly disappointed by late, over budget or failed projects.

Self-built automations can be OK for simple, short documents, but anything more complex becomes a jumble of logic. That is why automation projects are typically late, significantly over budget or perpetually in the development or implementation phase. And those that are launched are often shelved as soon as significant changes are needed to the underlying documents.

In addition, typically Legal do not have the time to do the automation work, let alone to learn the implementation skills necessary to launch any significant automation project. That’s why Clarilis do more than licence their market-leading automation technology in isolation. Clarilis’ team of Professional Support Lawyers, Document Analysts and Document Automators use their expertise to implement and deliver your projects for you. Including meticulous testing, Clarilis’ UK-based team ensures the effort is 1% you and 99% Clarilis.

When you want your documents updated, Clarilis takes care of all of the maintenance changes for the life of your subscription. Clarilis, all the benefits of automation, none of the downsides.

“In the past, we bought a product, tried to do something with it, failed miserably, put it on the shelf and it gathered dust. We wanted to get technology that was going to help our lawyers work more efficiently and therefore deliver more efficiency and we achieved that.”
Existing Clarilis Customer

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