How would speeding up contracting help your business?

Companies are being asked to be ever more responsive and efficient, to mitigate risk and to ensure compliance – and do so under ever-increasing budget scrutiny. Does the business view the contracting process as fast and straightforward? How do you mitigate risk without Legal having to review every document that is sent out?

Clarilis’ document automation solution provides a simple, straight-forward and efficient way to prepare contracts and other documents – from capturing all relevant details to producing a high-quality document.

At Clarilis we understand that business transactions can be delayed by the contracting process. We also understand the concern that those contracts might not include all the necessary and up-to-date clauses, especially as requirements change. Clarilis resolves these issues and enables business users to do more for themselves, quickly, simply and to a high standard, whilst at the same time reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

Clarilis allows legal teams to spend less time preparing documents meaning more time can be dedicated to utilising their knowledge and expertise in advising the business.

Existing Clarilis Customer
“We feel we receive many benefits from automating our documents with Clarilis. Aside from the ones that you might expect, such as increased efficiency and time saving, we also think it’s a very valuable tool in terms of risk mitigation and being able to delegate work more effectively and efficiently.”

Existing Clarilis Customer

Below are some of the reasons that businesses are moving to Clarilis for their document automation, click on the “+” icon on each item to learn more:

Improving Efficiency

Everybody wants the contracting process within a business to be as efficient as possible. The value to the business of a reduced contracting time can go way beyond the time saved in any one particular area. What would it mean to your business if contracts were signed days early than at present? An efficient and automated contracting process will help to achieve this and enable all business functions involved in preparing the contract to work efficiently together.

Document automation with Clarilis saves a significant amount of time in making standard or routine changes to template documents; and also avoids time wasted fighting with word processing issues.

The Clarilis solution not only automates the drafting process, but also the process of capturing the details necessary to tailor the contract to the particular situation, either by legal or by business users themselves.

Risk and compliance

Businesses need a way of preparing tailored documents that is simple, straight-forward and, importantly, well-controlled, to ensure that the correct and most recent provisions are included where necessary, and appropriate governance checks are implemented. Clarilis makes document automation within a structured framework possible, consistently producing high quality drafts whilst saving time and providing controls.

Enabling the business to self-serve

Delays in contracting can impact the bottom line, but this can be avoided by enabling the business to self-serve at speed, creating their own documents through a simple process and within a controlled environment. The Legal team need review agreements by exception only, where their expertise is required.

Where within the prescribed controls and limits, the Clarilis solution can prepare the draft document for the business user directly. The user can then have it automatically passed out for signature using an electronic signature tool, such as DocuSign.

“The reaction to date has been extremely positive, both in terms of the delivery of the solution from a cost and time perspective, but also in the usability of the solution and the benefit that it’s accruing for us”
Existing Clarilis Customer

Faster delivery and turnaround

What would it mean to your company if agreements were signed up to 50% sooner?

Document creation is not the goal in itself: it is necessary to facilitate business transactions, meaning that there is revenue, profit and shareholder value at stake. Accelerating the contracting process can have a massive impact on the financials.

We don't have the time or skills?

Businesses rarely have the time to spare or the right combination of people, processes and technology to get anything but the simplest of automation projects launched, let alone keep them current and up-to-date. Automation involves deciding what to automate and can optimise future maintenance by merging similar document templates. It requires learning the automation programming language, determining the logic that sits behind alternative provisions in the document and then implementing this logic – from major provisions down to grammatical adjustments – to reflect changes in number of parties. It also requires promptly keeping automated templates up to date when precedents are updated.

That’s why Clarilis do more than license their market-leading automation technology in isolation. Clarilis’ team of Professional Support Lawyers, Document Analysts and Document Automators use their expertise to implement and deliver your document automation projects for you. From merging your templates to testing them meticulously, Clarilis’ UK-based team ensures the effort is 1% you and 99% Clarilis. When you want your documents updated, simply supply a marked-up copy and Clarilis will take care of updating the automation for you, for the length of your subscription.

Clarilis: all the benefits of automation; none of the downsides.

“In the past, we bought a product, tried to do something with it, failed miserably, put it on the shelf and it gathered dust. We wanted to get technology that was going to help our lawyers work more efficiently and therefore deliver more efficiency and we achieved that.”
Existing Clarilis Customer


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