A solution for your clients, not just for your firm

Law firms are increasingly being asked to demonstrate fluency in legal technology, including by recommending technology and innovative solutions to enable clients to deliver more with less. Clarilis can help with this, bringing value to both parties and strengthening your relationship with those clients.

With traditional approaches to automation your firm or your client would need to source the intermediaries, document analysts and technical staff required to implement their automation project. You may have some or all of these skills in-house, but these are usually fully utilised and would be unable to dedicate the significant time and effort required to automate the relevant precedents in a timely fashion. There would also be a steep learning curve when developing best practice in relation to automation and in creating the processes required to enable that. All of these elements add time, expense and risk to any technology-based solution you recommended.

An alternative solution may be to engage a legal engineering service provider to handle the automation and maybe also the ongoing maintenance. This again adds to the cost and complexity by introducing another party to the project.

However, technology implementation can sit harmoniously alongside your role as providers of knowledge and advice. Unlike traditional automation tools the Clarilis solution is delivered as a fully managed service on the market leading CLARILIS automation platform. Projects are delivered in a fixed timescale and for a fixed price. This delivery includes document harmonisation, automation design, technical automation, comprehensive testing and document maintenance.

This removes all the uncertainties associated with traditional automation projects, including the people and process aspects. This means you can be 100% confident in recommending precedent automation to your clients – delivered in conjunction with Clarilis.

Clarilis can also bring new ways of collaborating with clients. For example, instead of clients sending unstructured instructions via email and your fee-earners laboriously re-keying critical data, both parties simply share access to the CLARILIS questionnaire. Quick, simple, structured and secure.

A Fully Flexible Approach to Working Together

Whether you are seeking an active or passive partner, Clarilis can work with you in a subordinate or more independent capacity:

As your silent partner, allowing your firm to deliver innovative automation solutions directly to your clients, backed by the CLARILIS™ platform and implementation team. All communication with your client would be handled by your firm, with Clarilis assisting in the background.


Operating alongside your firm, with Clarilis engaging directly with your client, implementing and managing their automation project, providing a managed service and client or firm branded portal. Here the client may instruct Clarilis directly, but your firm would continue to provide the relevant precedents and related advice.

In short Clarilis’ approach is to ensure that the relationship between law firm and client is enhanced through our involvement, allowing you to remain focused on providing knowledge, precedents and advice to your clients – with Clarilis delivering and implementing the automation technology.


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