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Access to Justice Fundraiser

Feb 26, 2019

Every once in a while an event or cause comes along that just makes you sit up and take note.
On 25th March a charity breakfast is taking place in London that will seek to better understand the painpoints in the Access to Justice landscape along with the scale of the problem, and then challenge the LegalTech community to help do something about it.
As BamLegal’s Catherine Bamford who is spearheading the campaign put it:

“Like many in the legal profession, I thought I knew plenty about the UK’s access to justice challenges. I was wrong. I have been shocked and upset by the scale of the problems and how some basic needs are not being met. This breakfast will help highlight the true state of play around access to justice in the UK to those working in the ‘shinier office side of law’ like me.”

The morning event is being held at the Law Society between 8.30am – 10.30am on Monday 25th March and features participants from a range of backgrounds including our very own James Quinn and John Lillie.

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